Why You Should Know Your Measurements

Why You Should Know Your Measurements


Just today I had a customer reach out to me asking about some jeans. She is a tall woman and wanted to know if we had any jeans that were "long". I asked her if she knew her inseam measurement, and she did!!

This was incredibly helpful! I was able to use her inseam to find three pairs of jeans that were long enough!


Knowing your measurements will make shopping online easier, like WAY easier.

All you need to take your measurements is one of those sewing measuring tapes. They are very inexpensive and can be found pretty much anywhere. 

I like this one on Amazon.


Tips for Taking Measurements


When taking your measurements, wear whatever undergarments you normally wear. That means wear your everyday bra, underwear, shapewaer, etc. 

When taking your measurements, the tape should be taught (but not tight) and close to your skin. There should be no wiggle room. It may be beneficial to ask someone for help with the measurements to ensure greater accuracy.


How to Take Your Measurements

Bust: taken across the fullest part of the bust, typically nipple height.

Waist: at the smallest part of your waist (the natural waist). If you have a more rectangular torso, you can take the measurement at a place that you think looks best on you. You should also take this measurement seated.

Hip: widest part of your lower body. Typically, this means the tape will go around the middle of your bum. You can take this sitting down also, to know how much stretch you need.

Leg length: top of ankle to top of hip (where your pants elastic sits)

Rise: take your favorite fitting pair of pants and measure from the crotch seam to the top of the back waistband. Note that a high-waisted pair of jeans will have a bigger rise than a mid-rise pair of jeans.


And There You Have It!

Every clothing item on my website includes the measurements directly from the manufacturer. You may see some that recommend a size, but they will also provide the measurements. By knowing your own measurements, you can shop online with confidence.

When you see the bust measurements on a listing, this is the full size all the way around the top. Most of these measurements are taken with the item laying flat, and then doubled to account for both the front and the back.

We also provide the model measurements and their typical sizes here.


I hope you found this helpful!!


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