3 New Trends To Watch

3 New Trends To Watch

One thing I love about running a boutique is seeing all the different trends. As we all know, fashion trends happen in a circle. You know the saying, “its finally back in style!”. And that saying is so true!

Currently, there are three trends that I see making a comeback. Some I’m here for, others…..not so much.

Trend #1: Sequins

Sequins were HUGE when I was 12 years old, and it seems that today’s designers are still keen on them. I have seen SO many styles featuring sequins hitting the market: dresses and shoes being the most prominent.

I will say that I think they look better this time around, but I’m not really a fan. Having said that, if you love them, wear them!! One thing I love about fashion is the variety!

Trend #2: Straight Leg Jeans (aka 90’s Jeans)

straight leg jeans

The mom jeans had its time in the spotlight recently, but it’s being kicked to the curb in favor of the more structured straight leg jean. The wide leg version is most popular with the younger crowd (think Gen Z), while the slimmer version is more popular with those of us in our 30’s and 40’s.

I actually love this trend! I think that straight leg jeans are flattering on all body types, and are a great option if you don’t want to wear a skinny jean but aren’t quite into flares.

Trend #3: Embroidery

brown embroidered topblack tee with embroidered sleeves

Gone are the days when embroidered tops were only for grandmas with cat sweaters. Artists have taken to the internet to show us that hand stitching, needle point, and embroidery can be very trendy and cute!

The most common element I’ve seen with embroidery is restraint. When a piece has embroidery on it, its usually small, often just on the sleeve or above a pocket. However, there will always be the more dramatic pieces.

You will start to see a lot of geometric, floral, and name designs hitting the market in the form of embroidery.

So tell me, what do you think of these trends? Will you be wearing any of them?

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